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How To Watch Channel 5 in Australia

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Remember the time you used to miss all your favorite shows on Channel 5 whenever you traveled to Australia, due to geo restriction? 

Well, this time when I traveled to Australia, I did not miss a single episode of my favorite show.

Left you wondering, right? 

You must be wondering how I watched Channel 5 in Canada?

The solution to this million-dollar question is quite simple. 

Yes, you read it correctly. Just by using a VPN you can watch Channel 5 in Australia. However, if you haven’t heard of a VPN or used one before, you have then come to the right place. As I am here to help you out with all your queries, and share the best VPN service to date. 

Read along and find solutions to all your queries along the way.

A Quick Guide- How To Unlock Channel 5 Outside The UKBuy a premium quality VPN service (ExpressVPN recommended).Download and install the VPN app.Create an account and login using your personal information.Connect to an available UK server.Visit the Channel 5 website and create an account.Start streaming your favorite channel and enjoy non stop content

How To Sign Up for Channel 5 in Australia?

It is quite easy to sign up for Channel 5 from Australia as it is a free- streaming service.

You just need to enter a valid UK postal code and you’re done. You will however, need a VPN subscription to access Channel 5

Follow these easy and quick steps

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN with UK servers
  • Connect to a UK server
  • Visit the official page page of Channel 5
  • You will find a Register sign at the upper right corner of the dialogue box, press it.
  • Fill in your credentials, enter any random UK postcode 
  • Tadaa! You have successfully created an account on Channel 5, now there’s nothing stopping you to stream channel 5

Why Is Channel 5 Not Available in Australia?

Channel 5 Is one of the oldest and biggest British Entertainment Channels launched in the late 90’s. It broadcasts international shows for its local viewers.

As with almost all TV channels the issue of TV licensing does not allow them to broadcast their content outside the particular region.

So, as soon as you leave the region and try to access it from Australia, the Channel immediately recognizes a foreign IP address and bans the content from the user.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Channel 5 in Australia?

When you are in Australia and try to access channel 5 through its website, a similar kind of msg will flash on your device.

       “Sorry, an error occurred, you are unable to access this page from outside the region.

This happens because as soon as you step out of the United Kingdom’s boundary, Channel 5 instantly recognizes your current location through IP address. As a result you are unable to view Channel 5’s content.

What a VPN does over here is, it masks your current location and changes it to a location (IP address) from within The UK.

So, in order to view the channel uninterrupted, a VPN service is unavoidable. Not any random free VPN, but a top-notch , premium quality VPN like ExpressVPN will do the job. (a free VPN will not be able to protect your privacy nor provide you with high speed browsing) . Not only ExpressVPN, any other reliable VPN will do the job.

Top VPNs To Watch Channel 5 in Australia

I have compiled a list of the top three VPNs available in the market after accessing almost 20 different VPNs. Below is a table to help you choose the best VPN according to your requirements.

ChargesConnectivity & SpeedServersLoginsOverview
ExpressVPN$6.67/mo, 49% off, 3 months free80+ Mbps/100 Mbps3000+servers in 90 countries5 multi loginsBest overall VPN
NordVPN$5.99/mo,63% off, 3 months free70+ Mbps/100 Mbps5600+ servers in 59+ countries6 multi loginsMassive VPN servers
Surfshark$2.30/mo, 82% off, 2 months free75+ Mbps/100 Mbps3200+servers in 100+countriesUnlimited multi loginsBest affordable VPN

ExpressVPN (Top Recommendation)

ExpressVPN is considered to be the best amongst the lot because of its high speed,vast network of servers and reliability.

It has around 3000+ servers located in 160+ locations in 94 different countries, hence providing great coverage worldwide.

It has various servers located in Docklands, London, Wembley and East London making it one of the best VPNs for the UK as well.

It provides unlimited bandwidth and a 24/7 customer support panel as well. When tested on a 100 Mbps internet connection, it displayed the downloading speed of around 87.18 Mbps resulting in zero buffering when streaming our favorite content.

Another feature which makes it stand out amongst its peers is that it provides military grade protection (100 % anonymity) to its subscribers. Along with features like DNS, WebRTC, IPv6 leak protection and 256-bit encryption.

With ExpressVPN you can connect eight devices simultaneously with a single account.

ExpressVPN can be used on systems like Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Apps like Roku, Firestick and Smart TVs are also supported by ExpressVPN.

Although ExpressVPN is a bit on the pricier side ($6.67/month) of the lot, it is by far the best choice. As it offers a 49% off + 3 months free subscription on its annual plan.


NordVPN has one of the largest networks of servers for streaming content. It provides its users with 5600+servers in 60 countries with 440+ servers in the UK alone.

When tested on a 100Mbps connection, it showed a download speed of around 83.82Mbps, which is comparatively good.

When trying to stream Channel 5 in Australia, I tried the Glasgow and Edinburgh servers and they connected fairly quickly without any buffering issues. In addition to that it can connect 6 devices simultaneously to a single connection.

NordVPN boasts of top-notch security for its consumers.With advanced security features such as AES-256-bit encryption, Split tunneling, kill Switch and NordLynx.

Its no-logging policy makes sure that the user’s data is not saved anywhere. The subscription charges for NordVPN are $5.99/month with a 63% off when you buy a 2 year plan. Along with a 30-day free trial.


Surfshark can be easily referred to as the most budget-friendly VPN of the lot, at around $2,30/month (84% off + 2 months free on a 2 year subscription).

It has around 3200+ servers in 3200+servers in more than 100 countries it has numerous servers in 4 parts of England.

When I tried to connect to the Manchester server to watch the latest episode of Neighbors, it connected immediately. It showed great speed with zero buffering and I could easily watch it in Australia.

Even though Surfshark is in the lower price range, it does not compromise on  the speed quality.

When tested on a 100Mbps connection it showed a download speed of 82.28 Mbps.

Surfshark provides its user with military grade AES-256 Clean Web. Another advantage of Surfshark is that it is the only VPN to provide unlimited connection in one go.

Surfshark is suitable for Linux, iOS, Android, Windows and other major operating systems as well

Compatible Devices For Channel 5

Channel 5 is compatible with most of the devices available like:

  • PC
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast 
  • Kodi
  • Freesat
  • Freeview
  • NowTV
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Blu-ray players
  • Ps4

Movies And Shows To Watch On Channel 5

There are tons of movies and TV shows available in Channel 5’s library. Some of the popular movies and and shows you can catch up on are:

MoviesTV shows 
BattleshipCrooked houseThomas & Friends: The Mystery Of Lookout MountainOpen RangeBig Trouble In Little ChinaEvil StepmotherWake Of DeathBurning LiesNeighbors Murdered For RevengeLuciferPeppa PigPAW PatrolBlindspot NCISUnder The DomeLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Channel 5 and MY 5 the same?

My5 is the on demand video streaming service of the Channel 5 family, which includes Channel 5, 5SELECT, 5ACTION, 5STAR and 5USA.

Is Channel 5 Free ?

Yes, Channel 5 is a free streaming Channel which allows you to watch its content free within the UK.

Can I watch Channel 5 with a free VPN in Australia?

Yes, you can watch Channel 5 with a free VPN but it’s not recommended as the download speed will be very low, plus there is no guarantee on security as well.

Wrap Up

I hope the above mentioned guide on How to watch Channel 5 in Australia was helpful for you. The fact that you can watch your favorite shows in Australia using a VPN is a true blessing.

Not only can you browse Channel 5 but other channels as well. But I would highly recommend against a free VPN as it will just be a kill-joy, as it will be too troublesome to use. So, a premium quality VPN (ExpressVPN) should be your go-to choice.

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Disclaimer: Our website contains outbound links to third-party products or services, and we may earn a commission from any purchases made through those links.

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